Sound Advice On Trusts And Estate Administration

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we have helped hundreds of people with the probate process, the estate administration process and the administration of trusts. When someone dies, with a will or without a will (called intestate) our financially and legally seasoned attorneys can ensure that the property is equitably divided, all taxes are paid and that the estate is accurately and effectively administered.

Estate Administration Guidance

Estate administration is the process of gathering the estate assets, paying the decedent's debts and accurately distributing the remaining property and assets. People who do not work in estate administration can be overwhelmed and confused by the details of this process. Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., can help you administer an estate, pay the debts and explain the role, responsibilities and duties of acting as the administer. Failing to effectively administer an estate can have ramifications that include criminal charges. It is wise to enlist the help of a seasoned estate planning attorney to prevent disputes or legal issues.

We Can Help With Trusts

A trust is an estate planning tool that can be used while you're alive or can be disbursed after death to your heirs. A trustee administers the trust according to the trust terms. Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., has helped numerous clients in all facets of trust creation and disbursement. In setting up a trust, the lawyers at Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood P.C., can help you assess the factors that influence trusts. We can also guide you as to which type of trust is best depending on the size of your estate, your age, goals and life situation. We help our clients amend an existing trust, counsel them on how to choose a trustee and how to craft the specifics of a trust. We are experienced in living trusts, AB trusts and charitable trusts.

Estate Tax help

Filing estate tax returns can be a confusing job for someone who does not work in taxes. It can be especially daunting for the loved one of the deceased. Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., has over a decade of successfully assisting with the accounting of an estate and with multiple other facets of elder law.

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