Small Business Counsel And Taxation Help

Understanding how to structure your business and your personal finances are key to protecting your bottom line. Whether you are a startup, established business or a couple creating a plan with asset protection, taxation strategy and liability control is paramount to success.

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we offer both small-business counseling as well as individual tax help. For nearly 16 years we have helped hundreds of clients with their individual and small-business planning, structuring, tax preparation and fiduciary income statements. Our taxation attorney is also a CPA.

Understanding LLC, Sole Proprietorship And Partnership Structures

Many people who are starting a business are unsure of what type of business to form. At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we have guided numerous individuals, partnerships and small businesses in their setup. After reviewing your assets, liabilities, goals and concerns we advise you on the type of business that best protects your assets and avoids liability. This advice may include S corporation and LLC status discussions. We know that when starting a business there is nothing more important than to protect your individual assets by creating a distinct and separate entity. At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we help you structure your business so that you get what you are trying to get. Setting up the accounts correctly and paying the rents accurately ensure that your business and personal assets are protected from a premise liability claim.

Tax Return Preparation For Businesses And Trustees

As a courtesy to our long-standing clients we offer limited business return preparation for LLCs, sole proprietorships and small family businesses. For these and other small businesses Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., can assist with individual and small-business tax and fiduciary returns.

Assisting Estate Administrators With Taxes

People who have acted as the trustee or administrator for an estate often need help filing complicated tax returns. The role of administrator is a serious responsibility that can result in criminal charges if mishandled. In addition to income tax planning we advise administrators on the most prudent steps to take in order to hold on to property and avoid capital gains taxes. The small-business and taxation attorneys at Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., can ensure that all estate and personal filings are accurate and comply with tax codes.

A Reputation For Reliable Advice

The New York law firm of Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., in Albany has helped clients with their elder law, real estate law, estate planning and small-business needs since 2000. If you are starting a business, running a business or are an individual with taxation counseling needs call our Capital District office at 518-320-7331 and set up an appointment to speak with a qualified taxation lawyer. You may also fill out our online contact form, and we will get back to you.