Achieving Success In Real Estate Law

We represent couples, individuals and businesses in real estate transactions including leases and the sale of one LLC to another.

We Finalize The Deal

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we don't put up roadblocks. There are no paralegals and middlemen to navigate with our firm: You deal directly with the attorney who is working with you. The most important issue in any real estate deal is the bottom line. We work to complete the transaction by figuring out the terms and the fiscal ramifications sooner rather than later. Time is money in real estate. Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., will settle the deal as quickly and expeditiously as possible with the least amount of trouble.

Your Partner At Each Closing

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we partner with you until the deal is closed. This means we attend every closing with everyone at the table. This prevents communication breakdown and ensure that any and all contingencies are weighed before acceptance. Structural issues may arise after a engineer's inspection, and all parties must be prepared to negotiate.

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., we pull from our years of real estate experience to advise our clients on whether a deal that has contingencies is viable to their goals and bottom line. If the terms have changed the deal has also changed. It may no longer be in your best interest to pursue it. In this instance we will do our best to resolve it quickly. If the issue cannot be resolved through reasonable terms we will terminate the contract.

Commercial And Multi-unit Residential Leases

At Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., our lawyers help clients draft and negotiate leases in commercial transactions. We have over a decade of experience in drafting both retail leases and residential leases for clients who own apartment building. We also work with condominium associations and developers of senior housing get approval with attorney general.

Since 2000, the Albany, New York, law firm of Sullivan, Hess & Youngblood, P.C., has helped clients with real estate law and small-business needs. Whether your needs are multiunit residential, commercial or retail we can help. Call our Capital District office at 518-320-7331 and set up an appointment or fill out our online contact form, and we will get back to you.